Flicker- and reflection-free multi-light illumination

OctoNus 3DDM offers a multilight illumination technology for eliminating overexposed areas and revealing details in image.


Flicker-free photometric stereo: normal map in real-time

Photometric stereo technology reconstructs the normal map of the object which is suitable for analysis of microstructure, engraving, embossing, etc.


High-Quality Three-Dimensional Output to a Large 3D TV Screen or a PC Monitor

OctoNus 3DDM offers 3D stereo technology throughout the watching - recording - displaying - analyzing stages of a study, both to local and global teams.


Real-time 3D video capture

Using the OctoNus 3DDM you can record the captured images in real time for further analysis or presentation on a 3D screen. The data is stored in a high-quality and compact video format.

Digitally Extended Depth of Field

The EDF (Extended Depth of Field) technology provides a dramatic enhancement of the depth of field.

High Dynamic Range Imaging Technology

The use of the HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) technology expands the dynamic range of cameras and enhances the correct capturing of image details within areas which were originally over- or underexposed.


Automatic Image Stitching

The Image Stitching technology automatically increases the image resolution and the field of view up to 150 times.


Motorized 5-Axis Object Holder

The motorized 4-axis high-precision object holder controlled by the 3D joystick makes it easy and convenient to adjust the position of a 3D object with accuracy up to one micrometer.


2D and 3D Measurements

OctoNus 3DDM makes possible unrivalled 2D and 3D real-time measurements within the live stereo streams. The user interface is created on the basis of augmented reality technology. 3D measurement of lengths can be made with a precision up to ten micrometers.


3D Object Shape Reconstruction

The OctoNus 3DDM software includes special options for reconstructing the shape of a textured 3D object. The resulting 3D models can be used for further analysis and measurements.


Digital Control

The optical unit, the lighting system and the holder are controlled via a PC simultaneously.


Open Software Architecture

DM was originally designed to handle plug-ins for image processing tools, image analysis, etc. The software can be configured and modified to meet a specific customer problem.