Human beings are used to the natural privilege of perceiving the world in stereoscopic 3D. By means of a stereoscopic optical microscope every one is also able to get an intimate 3D glance at the micro-world. Until recently the ability to record the streams of micro-objects’ images have been limited to 2D mode, which sacrifices fine details of the viewed objects, the depth of vision and, thus, the fluency of perception.

Today the ability frontier is considerably advanced thanks to the OctoNus 3D Digital Microscope (OctoNus 3DDM), which offers 3D stereo technology throughout the watching - recording - displaying - analyzing stages of a study, both to local and global teams.

Analog Optical Microscopes with a 2D Digital Camera

  • Real-time teamwork is limited to 1-2 operators

  • A 2D camera provides low-quality, unrealistic images and no sense of depth

OctoNus 3D Digital Microscope

  • Real-time stereo images are viewable by a group of people simultaneously

  • High-quality stereoscopic 3D images can be displayed on high-resolution TVs, PC monitors, laptop screens or projectors

  • 3D digital tools are available (for measurements, instructions, annotations, etc.)

  • The elements of the real world can be supplemented by computer-generated input such as 3D models, measurement instruments and annotations (augmented reality)