Octonus Stereo Viewer is free software which allows to view movies and stereo movies in different formats, including series of images. It supports a rich set of stereo viewing technology, from red-blue glasses, to NVIDIA 3D Vision and modern 3D TV technology.

Stereo Viewer can be used to view, analyze and compare stereo videos obtained on Octonus Digital Microscope and by means of other Octonus products.

Version, Windows, 64 bit, 133.2MB



    Support for most modern video codecs and file formats

    MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, etc

    Optimized for viewing and analyzing microscopic videos

    Frame-by-frame video navigation, smooth zoom, panning and comparison


    Supports all the current stereo display technologies

    Red-blue glasses, interlaced polalized monitor and TV, NVIDIA 3D Vision, LG & Samsung TV stereo techology, anamorphic stereo, etc.

    3D models over video

    3D Models can be loaded and viewed above microscopic videos

    Includes image analysis and measurement tools

    Stereo Viewer is built on extensible DM platform, which allows for custom instruments and other plugin develoment

    Cooperative mode

    Stereo viewer includes cooperative mode plugin, which allows team work on any content by means of cloud technology.


Documentation is available here, cooperative mode documentation is here.

Sample data

Download sample data for a quick start (links will be added later):


Description: Raspberry stereo movie (233 Mb)


Description: Bug stereo movie (2.4 Gb)


  • [2019-06-21] OSV 4.6.44 (64 bit version). Stable 64 bit version of OSV
  • [2016-11-24] OSV 4.3.1 Alpha 7 released (32 and 64 bit versions). Added improvements of cooperative mode, several bugfixes. 
  • [2015-10-08] OSV 4.0.4 released. Add instruments panels, updated two-screen stereo display experience (Monitor + TV), support for HDR video (PNG) and several bugfixes.
  • [2015-09-03] OSV 4.0.2 released. Added stereo quality tests, accessible from "Help" menu.
  • [2015-08-11] Stereo Viewer 4.0 released